Africa Bingo

Five Bingo Games in One

Showing all included in the Africa Bingo game: 50+ flash cards, 100+ tokens, 20 bingo cards, 2 Africa maps (countries and capitals).

Africa Bingo, Geography Disguised as Fun, is just what you think it is with some fun twists. There are many ways to play the game:

  1. Simply show the flash card of the country
  2. Don’t show the card and name the country
  3. Read the North, West, South, East clues on the back
  4. Read the more complicated clues on the back
  5. Read the quirky rhyme that gives a clue for both the country and its capital.

Review / Learn the Countries

Additionally, your students can use the flash cards on their own to learn and review the countries of Africa.

The geography bingo game includes:

  • 20 bingo cards (10 usable at any one time)
  • 58 Flash cards
  • 124 Bingo Tokens (on the back cover)
  • Map of African Countries
  • Map of African Capitals
  • Instructions (view our online instructions)

The book is disposable. You’ll have to cut out all the cards and we’ve also provided over a hundred bingo tokens on the back cover. It will retail for $19.95 on